May 08 2013

Harrow Council: Cabinet fired, mess everywhere as iLabour split

labour_roseFollowing today’s shock announcement that the Harrow Labour Group had split in two, the Council has announced the Council Leader, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, has fired all the members of his Cabinet. No doubt more will come over the next couple of days on who ends up where, but it’s a fairly possible bet that we could see a coalition between Independent Labour and Conservative, given the mess that things seem to be in right now.

Jumping from the Labour Group, and leaving Cllr David Perry with a bit of a mess to clear up, were Cllrs Husain Akhtar, Nana Asante, Mano Dharmarajah, Thaya Idaikkadar, Nizam Ismail, Krishna JamesZarina Khalid, Asad Omar and Raj Ray.

This leaves the elected members as:

  • Conservative: 25
  • Labour: 25
  • Independent Labour: 9
  • Independent: 3
  • Liberal Democrat: 1

It’s unlikely that the iLabour lot would vote with the original Labour Group, which looks like it would rather spell an end to Labour control of Harrow Council. The only battle possibly coming up, were a coalition to form, would be a contest for the coalition leadership.

Given the lack of a Cabinet, Thursday night’s cabinet meeting has been cancelled. No doubt there’ll be lots of plotting going on instead in lounges all across the borough!

It’s remarkably odd that out of the nine who left to form iLabour, none of them are (and this isn’t a racist comment, just an observation) white British. Was there some kind of racial disharmony inside the Labour Group? Suspect we’ll never know.

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  1. Linda Robinson

    Where next for Cllr Husain Akhtar? This is his third party switch since he was elected, isn’t it? Four parties in the last six months – Wow! I bet no one can beat that, but there’s still plenty of scope – UKIP? The Green Party? Any other offers?

  2. Marcello Borgese

    Just what I was thinking. The Tories will be trying to form some kind of alliance with the newly formed alternative Labour group (perhaps they could call themselves New New Labour) and it could transpire that Cllr Flip-Flop will again find himself under Tory command. If he is at all principled he will of course refuse to join the New-New-Labour-Conservative-mish-mash after his damning comments on the Tory leadership, but I suppose it all depends what his view is this week. When reflecting upon this Labour-ru(i)n council, the words ‘teapot’, ‘chocolate’ and ‘useful as a’ come to mind.

  3. Praxis Reform

    Zanu Labour?

  4. Louise May

    Interesting that Susan and Barry want to work with the newly formed independent group after they have spent the last 6 months publicly ridiculing Thya saying he wasn’t fit for leadership anything for power Susan and Barry

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