Jan 25 2013

Harrow Council: Caring for our Future (they say…)

harrow_council_logoAn innovative new group set up by Harrow Council gives carers, service users and volunteers the chance to have their say on the way services are delivered. The Local Account Group allows people in the community to offer feedback and influence services offered by the adult social care team.

Set up at the end of last year, it now has a full complement of members, who will have an input into how adult services are shaped in the future. Members are helping the Council to achieve Excellent Quality standard by acting in the role of “mystery shoppers” to monitor customer care standards. They have carried out unannounced checks on care provision, feeding back information about their experience, as well as that of others. Their views will help shape the Council’s Local Account of Adult Social Care – a report to residents with information on the performance of social care, details of achievements and priorities for the future.

Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Cllr Margaret Davine, said: “It is very important that the people who are affected by our services get to have their say on their future and that we listen and act on what people say. This is the first time we have set up a group that will help us to do this and we look forward to working closely with them. With their input I am sure we will continue to run high quality, people-centered services.”

Group member Gill West said: “I was really interested in joining the group. It offers you the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference. I have been really inspired and motivated by the commitment from the group and the support given by Council staff. Looking forward we know that Harrow is working to ensure that it offers quality services and we all hope that we can be a Centre of Excellence.”

Another member, carer Caroline Nathanson said: “One of the best things for me is knowing that we are helping to ensure that services for residents are going to be of a good standard.”

Areas where the group will have an input include:

Reablement (a short term service designed to help a person restore their independence)

Personalisation (tailoring services to individual needs or preferences, enabling greater choice and control)

Safeguarding (keeping vulnerable adults safe and ensuring that they are treated with dignity and respect)

  • Long term Care
  • Home Care
  • Residential Care
  • Day Care
  • Carers Services

Source: Harrow Council

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