Oct 14 2013

Harrow Council Caught With Pants Down Over Alcohol Restriction Plans

alcohol1-150x150We’d heard mutterings that this was about to happen, but it seems that Harrow Council has been caught with it’s pants down over plans to introduce Early Morning Restrictions Orders in and around Stanmore over the Christmas period. The EMRO was planned to restrict the sale of alochol between 02.00 and 06.00 each day between November 1 and January 5, in order to minimise anti-social behaviour problems.

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser has this to say: “Harrow Council cancelled its early morning restriction order (EMRO) hearing, due on 10 October, thereby terminating the EMRO process.” You can read the entire article here.

We were originally tipped off that this was likely to happen by a comment in early October, which said:

The Council licensing’s section have been trying to bring in a alcohol restriction on the pubs in Stanmore for the Christmas and new year period to prevent us from opening late during this period.

The Council are now saying that they wont be doing this as pubs have agreed not to apply for later opening hours. But this is untrue. The truth is that the council’s consultation is outside of the legal regulations and so they cannot introduce the restriction. I saw [a] letter from P Sivashankar, licensing manager to the ward councillors today giving the story of ‘its no longer necessary to introduce the restriction’ and there were some proceduaral issues but it neglects to say that they messed up!. but if you contact [redacted] in [redacted] legal dept, he will tell you that he highlighted the defect with the council’s consultation with the council.

They should not be able to sweep their incompetence under the carpet as always!

So, it looks like someone at the Council has messed up on this one. We’re awaiting a comment or statement from the Council to clarify exactly what did happen.



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