Jan 25 2014

Harrow Council Commended by Daily Express – January 25, 2014

Cllr Susan Hall’s campaign against ‘beds in sheds’ has reached the holy grail of the Daily Express’ editorital column on page 14 today. In the column, the Express says that “Harrow Council is to be commended for taking a zero-tolerance approach to the phenomenon…”


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  1. j p hobbs

    Silence of the Lambs !!!!!! well said Susan about time it came out in the open , thanks ,

    1. j p hobbs

      So the rest of you are happy with beds in sheds then ? HHHMMMnn i can visualise you all down at Sheds R US with ur tape measures .out .

  2. PraxisReform

    Can we really trust a newspaper that has a Knights Templar printed on the front cover?

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