Jan 11 2013

Harrow Council Confirms: None of our Councillors are Criminals

crb_logoWith all the noise about Harrow Councillors getting arrested, charged or cautioned over a variety of crimes (and, to be honest, this isn’t a recent problem), we wondered how many Harrow Councillors had told the Council that they had a criminal record.

As we understand it, there’s no CRB (now DBS) check required for Councillors, either upon taking up the post, or at subsequent points through their political career. The Conservatives (and others, presumably) sparked an interesting discussion on their website, here.

Anyway, we asked the Council about Councillors who’d declared they’d got previous convictions. The answer: “…we are not aware of any Councillors having declared a criminal conviction.”

We’re still clarifying the full detail, as it seems that the Council might be answering the letter of our question, as opposed to the spirit (no, surely not…) – we’ll update this post once we know more.

Interestingly, they gave us their response after David Gawn’s sentencing and after Brian Gate’s caution.

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