Oct 07 2014

Harrow Council Confused Over Which School to Expand

Says one thing, means another.

Even the council seems confused over what school expansion it is consulting on at the moment. The troubled council’s website refers to Welldon Park in once place, and then Weald in another (highlighted in red, below). This is just another example of where Dave’s administration at the council is starting to let quality drop.



What’s more worrying is the proposal announced about amalgamating the schools from April – which flies in the face of the letters already sent to parents suggesting a date of September. Clearly, the council will do what the council wants, regardless of what it says to the schools, governors and parents.

Could this be the time to call for a vote of no confidence in the Leader of the Council?

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  1. Manji Kara

    May be the Leader of the Harrow Council, Dave is right after all. The Labour Group definitely need help of a CEO to handle even the simple matters they are incapable of handling; at a cost to the unsuspecting tax payer of course.

  2. Timeforchange

    I suppose there is a positive here, the council web site is working!!

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