Jul 11 2017

Harrow Council: Cracking down on bad behaviour

A new borough-wide protection order is now in place to keep trouble out of the borough. Includes £100 fine for urinating, defecating and spitting in public.

A massive crackdown on filth and anti-social behaviour is now in effect – anyone caught making Harrow dirty will face a spot fine of £100.

Harrow Council have approved a borough-wide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) – so anyone caught taking part in filthy behaviours such as urinating, defecating, or spitting in public will pay the price.

With the backing of the police and Harrow residents, there will also be a ban on driving over footpaths, footways and verges; failing to pick up dog mess and smoking in children’s play areas. Joint work with the police will help tackle drunkenness – no, there’s no ban on drinking but people must stop when asked to do so by officers.

Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment said:

“Like all our residents and businesses I want to see a clean, safe and trouble-free borough. Sadly there are some individuals intent on making Harrow a dirty and unpleasant place to live and work – and that is totally unacceptable. That is why we’ve introduced these tough new powers, and we will be working closely with Harrow Police. Anyone caught destroying our neighbourhoods or causing a nuisance to others will face the full weight of the law.”

The borough-wide PSPO will be in place for 3 years. It has the backing from residents and Harrow Metropolitan Police. Failure to pay the £100 fixed penalty notice could lead to prosecution where the fine increases to up to £1,000.

Niki Walker-Tassell, Temporary Chief Inspector, Harrow Police said:

“We welcome and fully support these new powers which will assist officers in dealing with offenders swiftly and effectively. Anti-social behaviour has a detrimental impact on the community and we will continue to work closely with Harrow Council to ensure that Harrow remains a great and safe place to live and work.”

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  1. irritated

    Nice to see that our Council is trying to tackle this problem. However, what happens if the person offending is unable to pay the fine? I have seen so many people spitting and urinating and they strike me as the type of people that perhaps would resist paying the fine. Just an observation but I have seen young people doing this, and wonder how they are expected to pay the fine. Perhaps their parents can be fined? Just a thought.

  2. mike mcfadden

    We must implement what Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in New York. “The Broken Widow effect” Harrow as gone so far down the road of Blair’s and Nu-Labour decadence its going to be a long haul but its not impossible to reverse our decline.
    My favourite Chines proverb say’s a man that want’s to move a mountain must start by picking up small stones. The most important word “START” because if you don’t start you can’t finish!!

    Let’s get our Harrow back from the brink.

    Ave a nice day. Mike

    1. Barry Jackson

      Dear MM I have been reporting rubbish dumping in my area for years so much so that Harrow Council officials will not reply to my emails anymore, so I started sending emails to my Ward Councillors, All i got in reply was “I have passed it onto the department that deals with it” after getting fed up with the same reply everytime, I asked my Ward councillor “are they doing anything more about it” and I was told “you are the only one complaining” Roll on the 3rd may next year

      1. mike mcfadden

        Hi Barry, don’t get too disheartened. Keep up your efforts everybody I know is fed up with Harrow council ignoring these issues. I have even given the address of where some beds in sheds dumpers live but never hear a word. Labours secret weapon has always been subterfuge and it would seem the postal vote these days.!!
        I’m working on a fat dumper at the moments, I’ll keep you posted as to the out come.

        Its not just the rubbish and rats in the borough promoted by illegal beds in sheds but the whole of our democracy seems under attack and our MP’s just run a mile afraid to do or say anything.

        Are you aware the Loonies at Harrow just gave away £400,000 of our money to newly arrived immigrates to help them settle in!!! I really would like to know how this money was spent and who spent it and what on.

        Ave a nice day Regards Mike

  3. john jacobs

    All fine and dandy. A lot of this is covered by local bylaws . So nothing new.
    Like all initatives it starts with a fanfare.

    Just where are the extra staff and or police going to magic out of thin air to enforce said powers.

    So many powers/bylaws/powers of arrest ..but no one to enforce .on a regular basis.

    Sounds good dear friends but its like the councils weeks of action. Starts with a bang and ends up a damp squid.

  4. Harrow Dude

    Hopefully this will mean an end to the professional beggars that are in Harrow Town Centre.

    1. mike mcfadden

      Harrow Dude, yes professional beggars are a curse. The U.K public are unaware in many countries begging is a profession that is carried on with ease here now. Due to the massive influx of alien cultures and Political Correctness destroying our way of life.!

      To give you some understanding why begging is so prevalent these days. I knew a sargeant (now retired) on London underground and he was telling me ten years ago when they arrested one of them a search would reveal hundreds of pounds. An hour later the same person arrested again would reveal bundles of cash. He estimated in the rush hour beggars were making £200/£250 an hours. Now how about that for a profitable living tax-free! No doubt on top of their lucrative tax-free benefits accrued by being economical with the truth. !!!

      That was just begging. Then you have the dippers with loads of tourists thinking they are in a safe environment.

      The sad thing is with all the liars and deniers in local and central government too afraid to deal with the self inflicted problems. Nothing will change, we will just keep on Blair/Browns road of decadence until all “hell” lets lose.! Trotsky would be so proud of them!!

      Remember, “things can only get better” Yeah, right innit mate. Ha ha ha you couldn’t make it up.

      Ave a nice day. Mike Mcfadden Someone that does not need to hide!!

      1. Someonewhocares

        Tell you what Mike/’Alf’ I would gladly pay £20 to dump all your repetitive, prejudiced, ill-educated and off-topic garbage at the tip: And here’s another tip; Get a new script, this old one’s really boring ! PS: Nice to see your UKIP mates did so well at the General Election too (PPS: That was *this* year in case you missed it…)

        Incidentally I realise you (need to) feed off such comments but don’t bother replying, most of us won’t read it…. except occasionally just for “Entertainment Value”!

        1. mike mcfadden

          Someone who hides you obviously like living with rats! Ever paid a bill with money you’ve earned? You may think differently about tax-payers money if you did. You’d love us all to stop and except the Horror’s of Harrow but that ain’t gonna happen sunshine. Yes, I did say hello to Nigel at the game fair he’s looking extremely well. Its obvious what fresh air does, health body health mind you should try it sometime.!! ha ha ha

          1. Someonewhocares

            Yes, patently I *do* like living with rats, *you* are also a Harrow resident aren’t you?
            Plus you also associate with Fromage, that well-known purveyor of a kind of plague…..
            Yet again ‘sorry’ not to be your wholly-incorrect stereotype but no, I never needed benefits; As I recall *you* lived for some time in the gaming/betting ‘profession’ so perhaps *you* are much better placed to comment on “living off others’ hard-earned cash”?

  5. Someonewhocares

    The actual implementation of the PSPO is listed here:


    Yes, enforcement is key, as is making everyone aware of any/all fines imposed too!

    Other Councils have introduced these with some success; It seems being able to say to perpetrators “Do you realise you just infringed a PSPO (and fines are £XYZ)?” can be quite an effective incentive……

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    Latest headline from the Harrow Times

    ‘Man attacked with stun gun at his own front door’

    Yet another serious crime in Harrow. The London Mayor should reverse his decision to close South Harrow police station. Also there are plans to have one police borough commander for three boroughs Barnet, Brent and Harrow. This is utter madness.

  7. Concerned Harrovian

    Yet another serious incident that the police are attending in the Locket Road/Montrose Road area of Wealdstone. Road near the Methodist church cordoned off. Utter madness to close the police station.

  8. Barry Jackson

    Dear Mr Graham Henson,
    What happens when it is Harrow Council themselves that is the culprit for the decline in standards around Harrow, I live in a small close on a housing estate in harrow, all the residents have made great efforts to look after our area, and I must say it looks very good….but and this is a very big but the surrounding areas are a disgrace because there has been no weed killer sprayed on the paths and pavement at all this near, consequently there are weeds everywhere some are two foot high in the alleyways, and I agree with the chap who likes proverbs, mine is
    If it looks like a dump people treat it like a dump,

  9. DJFear Ross

    I have reported fly tipping to Harrow Council, along with address of the person who did it. I followed them and filmed there all at risk to my own safety. After sending this information to Harrow council, did they even bother to get back to me for the video evidence?? No.

    So anyone who believes that this protection order is going to make any difference is fooling themselves. It’s just another stunt to fool the public into believing they’re taking this seriously to ensure they continue to get the votes whilst doing nothing….

    Years of complaints and the problem has got worse. Time for ‘strong words’ new Acts and Laws is over, people want action and they want it now.

    1. mike mcfadden

      DJFear Ross
      Keep up the good work. I managed to get one dumper a £400 fine that hard working employee of Harrow council who did it was soon moved on.
      Don’t be put off the subterfuge of Loony-Labour council and the jackasses that appear on this site trying to bad moth your efforts. We will get there in the end.

      Apparently, Harrow Council laid off / got rid of 40 road cleaner’s recently and gave £400K of our monies away to newly arrived immigrants. “phew” It seems Lutfur Rahman’s from Tower Hamlets in charge.The only way to beat this lot is at the ballot box.

      Ave a nice day. Mike McFadden

  10. mike mcfadden

    To all those suffering street filth and listening to Harrow’s rhetoric and intent to clean up that just not seem to be working.This morning 09/08/2017. Once again I reported to Harrow by phone because there web-site was not working properly “again” Nearly, exactly the same as before in fact the household rubbish dumper lived next door to the previously reported scum-bags that seem to be on a mission to destroy our quality of life.

    The point being I have confirmed I will be available to give evidence and appear in court if necessary. Last time I heard nothing back from Harrow council! This time I recorded my conversation. I gave the council all the details I had and will keep you all posted to the out come.
    Its ironic this dumper lived next door the the previous one in Constable Gardens were it seems many house’s have been bought from families and turn into slum dwellings. It is becoming clear it would better to go after the landlords. and see who they are!!

    It would seem something is definitely a miss with these set-up’s. Its as if Harrow are actually encouraging misconduct not deterring it.

    If you look at Harrow’s gobbledegook panning regulations its speaks volumes about a do nothing council. Time for government regulators to be called in I think.

    Ave a nice day. Lets see what the liars and deniers say next. ha ha ha the fun begins.

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