Mar 10 2013

Harrow Council Cuts Red Tape for Street Parties

harrow_council_logo2Dust off the bunting and prepare for the biggest social event of the year – Harrow Council is cutting red tape so residents can throw a street party for the Harrow Community Lunch.

Harrow Council has waived road closure fees for one day so residents can get to know their neighbours better over a sandwich and a chilled drink by holding a street party or picnic in their road. The Harrow Community Lunch will take place on Sunday June 2 as part of the national ‘Big Lunch’ event.

Harrow Council Leader, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “Community spirit in Harrow is alive and well – you just have to look at the swathes of residents who flocked to the many streets parties across the borough during last year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The Harrow Community Lunch is about tapping into that spirit and giving residents the chance to throw a party and get to know their local community that little bit better. I urge as many people as possible to get involved and plan a street party for the summer.”

Harrow entrepreneur, Sheetal Karia, who runs her own business from her home in Stanmore, took her daughter to last year’s street party in Hatch End for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, she said: “Harrow Council is giving a little something back to residents by giving us all the chance to throw a fantastic summer street party! I went to last year’s street party in Hatch End with my daughter and we had a fantastic time. There was so much everyone had brought to the party which was free and available to everyone. One of the shops was giving away free ice cream and another laying on free face painting for the kids. This is what community spirit is all about, and this is why it’s marvellous to see our Council recognising and nurturing that spirit. To think that street parties are coming back to Harrow really gives us all something to look forward to over the summer.”

If you would like to organise a street party you should give the Council at least six weeks’ notice. For more information on how to organise a street party visit www.harrow.gov.uk/howto.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. Praxis Reform

    Will Cllr Idaikkadar be catering for this event? I understand that he is an excellent cook, in-spite of his political persuasion.

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP HARROW

    Would this be the Red Tape put in by the BLAIR/BROWN Labour Terror, that blitzed us with more Rules, Regulations, Offences, Penalties, Licences, “Tough New Laws”, Crackdowns, Warnings, Bans, CCTV, Fines, Charges, Restrictions, Checks, exclusions etc., that took all of the FUN, the FREEDOM, the SPONTENEITY out of our increasingly PAUPERED existances where you seem to need “permission” from, or to give “plenty of notice” to some jumped-up, overpromoted, bureaucrat or finger-wagging generally LEFT WING politician to take a leak ???

    Who does Great Leader Idiakkadar think he is, bestowing these “great privileges” on us the lumpen masses???? Kim Jong-Un, or perhaps Robert Mugabe??

    We’ve had our taxes hiked, the spectre of yet more business and custom destroying fines and penalties. We cannot afford the Bread, but Great Leader Cllr Mugabe wants go give us circuses.

    Harrow, soon to be twinned with Harare – PATHETIC

  3. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    At least we can organoze a Street Party. The Great Leader and his Cabinet of Incompetents, couldn’t organize a Booze Up in a Brewery.

  4. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Praxis Reform – Are you referring to food or the Books 🙂

  5. Praxis Reform

    I’m sure that Cllr Idaikkadar, as a qualified Accountant, complies with all the necessary legislation and requirements needed to carry on the trade of an Accountant, and I am pleased to say that I have heard no reports of dishonestly about either him or his practise.

    I would however question those Councillors at Harrow’s recent Budget meeting, who stated that we should trust their budget, because they were Accountants by trade.

    My own experience with Accountants is that when I worked in Manufacturing, whenever there was a slight dip in the UK’s economy reported in the Press – and I’m talking here about times before the recent headline grabbing economic crisis – It was guaranteed that Buyers would get in touch to say “I need to cancel / put back this order, our Accountants say that we need to cut the amount of stock were holding”.

    At that point, the order gets struck from the books, upstream orders cancelled, and other customers’s orders brought forward, whilst newer customer orders are sought out to keep production running, or alternatively machinery gets mothballed.

    Then, a month or so later, the same Buyers will be in touch saying “where’s my order?” “forget what I said before, our own production is coming to a stop because we’re running out of stock” “I really need your help to get out of this hole the Accountants have dug”.

    Similarly, I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me, that after a visit from the financial Auditors, they’ve been told they spend far too much on pallets / boxes / whatever, and then been given a recommendation of a supposedly cheap company to buy from, but which turns out to charge *double* the price of the existing supplier.

    So, I propose that Accountants should stick to dealing with historic financial data and preparing tax returns etc. whilst any claims they might make to be able to run businesses / Councils should be taken with a small Siberian salt mine.

    Getting back to the original point, I am very partial to a spicy curry, and having worked with many Sri Lankans, Pakistanis and Indians over the years, I know that the Sri Lankans have some of the spiciest food I’ve tried.

    Now, anyone that has tried cooking spicy food will know that there is quite a bit of skill involved with balancing so many hot flavours, since it’s not just a matter of throwing the entire packet of chilli powder into the pot and hoping for the best… If Cllr Idaikkadar has mastered this, then it’s something he should be praised for.

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