Jan 09 2013

Harrow Council Decides to Fix ‘Missed Bin’ System at Worst Possible Moment

harrow_council_logo2As many will know, we’ve highlighted on a number of occasions that Harrow Council’s ‘Missed Bin’ reporting system on it’s website has been broken for some time (which doesn’t seem to affect every household, nor every request made to it).

Often, it would tell you to check back after 3pm (regardless of the time you did check it); other times, it would simple sit there churning, before reporting an error message.

Good news! The Council is now fixing it – today’s message on the website says:

It might have been better for them to wait until they’ve collected all the missed bins from this week – we posted an article to say that they’d been suspended this week (apparently, due to lot of Public Realm workers being off sick – fair enough, these things happen), so the timing isn’t great: the one week of the year when they’d expect lots of people to report missed bins (because it’s not been publicised) and the whole missed bin system isn’t available. Does Harrow Council’s left hand know what its right hand is doing?


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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    The only things Labour have “fixed” are planning applications, especially the High Rise ones in the Town Centre. Oh yes and they are really good at “fixing” consultations to get the “right” result. Shame they can’t fix the roads, empty the bins, manage the budget or tell the truth.

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