Jan 04 2013

Harrow Council Depot Workers – Unfair welfare treatment?

council_lunchAt Harrow Council’s Employees Consultative Forum, back in October 2012, staff at the central depot in Forward Drive, submitted a petition to the council concerning the lack of food/drink facilities at the depot:

“I have been requested by staff at central depot to submit this petition, in accordance with the executive committee’s procedural rule 49. The staff at central depot find that senior council staff are failing to meet the requirements of the council’s equal opportunities policy, in respect of less favourable treatment. We, the 246 undersigned, are treated appallingly in regards to facilities for both a hot drink and a hot meal. We have to endure the indignity of vending machines that are poorly maintained, expensive, and consistently fail to provide the commodity which was purchased. Unlike our management staff, that have kitchen facilities provided by the council to reduce their expenditure, whilst low paid staff are being charged inflated prices against high street prices. We formally disagree with the HRD Divisional Director’s statement that there is no demand for adequate welfare facilities at central depot.”

It’s interesting to note that the Civic Centre, on the other hand,  has a rather full and varied menu with culinary delights such as:

  • Freshly Made Tomato and Basil Soup with a bread roll – £1.50 to £2.10
  • Chip Shop Fish & Chips with mushy peas – £3.80
  • Vegetable Pasta Bake(v) served with steamed vegetables or a fresh green side salad – £3.60
  • Dessert – £1.10

There’s also a full range of breakfast offerings, with bacon baguettes from £2.00, and an eight-item fried breakfast at £3.50.

Fancy a baguette for lunch? They start at £2.30 with fillings such as tuna, ham, turkey or beef.

We’ve got another Freedom of Information request in with the council to see how much money they spend at catering for meetings – but that’s still waiting for an response to be cooked up.

Now, what was that petition again? “…less favourable treatment?” No, never…

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