Aug 30 2016

Harrow Council: Do as we say, not as we do…

harrow_council_broken_2It’s always good to see the council, in those rare moment, actually get up and do something about fly-tipping. Indeed, its a rare enough sight for them to do something, when it’s clearly easier to leave mattresses dumped around the borough for residents to trip over.

As leader Cllr Sachin Shah said, “Harrow tax-payers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for cleaning up after people…” which is ironic, since a week after he’d said that, one of his bin lorries left this disgusting mess of stinking and rotten food waste in one of South Harrow’s streets:


Best get someone down with a broom and a bucket of water, Sach. We hear Cllr Fitzpatrick may be at a loose end for a while…

(Photo credit: Kalpesh Patel, Facebook)

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  1. Mike McFadden

    You couldn’t make it up.!
    I can also see massive savings on interpreters, by all means supply them as needed but make those that need the service pay for it. You’ll soon have a huge saving and instead of people looking for the victim badge and support. They will want to integrate more. Just what is needed in this divided country. Ain’t rocket science. Ave a nice day .
    Regards Mike Mcfadden.

    Ps: Please don’t let Punch and Judy the cultural Marxists respond with their spiteful rhetoric. Its just not needed. We need much more common-sense and far less Common-Purpose. Innit mate!!!!

    1. Someonewhocares

  2. ricky123

    I agree Mike, we dont need replies from those two, what we need is a way to sort out this so called multi cultural society, your suggestion on interpreters would be a good start.

  3. Someonewhocares

    Meanwhile (and ON TOPIC)….

    I do hope the person who took the time to photograph this mess and put it on FaceBook also took the time to report it to the relevant Council department too, such as-


  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Perhaps iharrow.com could invite the leader of (Harrow) Horror Council Sachin Shah to turn out with a bucket of soapy water and a broom. He might them feel residents pain first hand at the way (Harrow)Horror is being turned into a rubbish dump.

  5. red mirror

    i could explain exactly why there is a surfeit of mattresses blighting the borough but i hesitate to elaborate lest i incur the wrath and admonition of the cult of garnet that i am repeating myself heaven forbid said stuck time bandits would commit such heresy that said i believe i might have a rather novel solution all the offending mattresses could be collected by the residents of harrow taken to an open space and an obstacle course be made for Lockwood and team leaders to navigate what fun watching this would be it wouldnt last long either the extremely poor condition of the sedentary team leaders would fail them in short order or the overpowering stench of urine the event could be named its a cop out .

    1. Someonewhocares

      Disappointing response there Red Mirror: For a moment there I thought you were going to suggest collecting all the dumped mattresses for burning on November 5th, and then adding an effigy of Lockwood…..

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