Jul 02 2016

Harrow Council ex-CEO slammed after £90k payoff from Bolton Council

Bolton-Council-150x150Cast your mind back a year or so, when Council fat-cat Michael Lockwood left as part of the Conservative group’s cost-saving measures during their stint at the helm. Never one to miss a trick, Paul Nasjarek stepped in to keep the golden crapper warm for a few months, before Lockwood was hauled back by the Labour group, as soon as they regained control. Lockwood, of course, earns more per year than the Prime Minister.

Nasjarek headed north to Bolton, landing a £160,000 job running the council there, before deciding he didn’t actually like the north, and wasn’t going to move up there. What happened next is a little unclear, but it finished in what was today announced as a £90,000 payoff after just five months in the job, all funded by Bolton taxpayers. Bet he still hasn’t wiped the smile off his face.

Next stop for the 4′ 9″ executive was Ealing council, where he’s an extra £10,000 a year as Chief Exec. And again, according to the Daily Mail:

Mr Najsarek’s pay-out has only just been made public because he repeatedly blocked attempts for it to be disclosed under a Freedom of Information request, Bolton Council claim. He had a confidentiality clause in his contract which the authority say prevented them revealing his pay-off. It has now been made public because the council is legally bound to publish its annual statement of accounts.

You can read the Daily Mail’s full story here.

Footnote: Mr Nasjarek has been at Ealing for five months now. No doubt taxpayers in Ealing are wondering if their council tax will be dipped into any time soon for another massive payoff.

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  1. F.D.Billson

    The Electorates of both Local and National Politics are being taken for idiots to their cost and the sooner they wake up to this fact the better for all .

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