Jul 02 2016

Harrow Council features in Daily Mail over aggressive litter enforcement

harrow_council_broken_2Spotted in the Daily Mail yesterday:

“A businessman, who accidentally dropped a receipt as he pulled out his phone was surrounded by litter officers within seconds – demanding he paid a £75 fine. The shopper is said to have lifted his phone from his pocket, which resulted in the piece of paper fluttering out as well – without him realising – outside St Anne’s Shopping Centre in Harrow, London.”

You can read the full story here.

This is exactly what we warned about when the Council announced the introduction of what some residents have named ‘litter thugs’ in the borough. Especially since more than half of each £75 fine gets handed over to the outfit performing this ‘service’ for councils up and down the country.

Kingdom Security, who won the contract in 2015, have a history of facing allegations of bullying. At the time, the council’s Labour administration said: “…this is not all about enforcement; our priority is to educate and work with the community…” – if the story that the Daily Mail is accurate, then clearly the council has been caught, again, telling porkies, as there doesn’t seem to be a jot of ‘work with the community’ – just barely-veiled intimidation and bullying.

Of course littering is awful: but if perhaps the council should concentrate on the real issues, like fly-tipping in the many side-roads around South Harrow (and, probably, right across the borough) rather than picking on individuals. But I suppose it’s easy money, right?



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  1. Mike N

    I agree. If this case is as reported in the newspaper, then it’s disgraceful that the man was issued with a fixed penalty for £75. He should have been asked to pick up the receipt. End of the matter!
    Harrow Council
    don’t seem to be interested in the masses of litter that blight nearly every residential road in the borough, that’s now left for month after month, until eventually a half hearted clean is undertaken.

  2. Englishini

    Strange article as if only Harrow Council would make an ettempt to deal with litter which seems unlikely based on the amount of rubbish everywhere !

  3. Christopher Langley

    Harrow was a mess, fly tipping by landlords and business a disgrace and nothing was done about it.
    The millions spent by your administration and Labour’s “running just to stand still” by Town Centre street improvements were quickly trashed by Harrow resident’s who gobbed chewing gum onto the pavements, khat spat out by the patrons of restaurants, so much so notices had to be placed in windows and litter dropped for someone else to pick up.
    A petition was sent all Harrow Schools to get young people to recognise the problem was rejected by every school except Grange Primary School.
    In a meeting at St Gregory’s School Kenton, I addressed to the Kenton Area Traders Association chaired by the School’s Secretary. During the address I criticized the mess their student’s made in Kenton which affected all shops. I was told to remove the issue from the report or my recommendations on improving the area would not be aired.
    You may well feel that the businessman was treated unfairly but, the message it sent was clear.
    In the London Borough of Wandsworth, that Council also target landlords and business who in Harrow cause such a mess behind shops and rented accommodation for all to see but seemingly nothing is done. Perhaps, too many votes are at issue, who knows?
    I suggest Harrow Conservatives find a better issue to nitpick.


    1. susan hall

      Christopher, I have not even commented on this, clearly you have an axe to grind although goodness knows why. Perhaps you should give me a call and tell me why you are so cross with me and the Conservatives!

      1. red mirror

        christopher has just told you why he is angry did you read all his post?it isnt all about you susan but antecedent ignoring of mass detritus throughout the borough whilst fat over paid team leaders quibbled with each other over the quality of fondant on their fifth fancy during a three hour brake but of course you didn’t know that . chris don’t bother mate it falls on deaf ears .

  4. mike mcfadden

    Well done Christopher, at least you’re making an effort. I must admit schools have a duty to educate Children on litter so they can teach their parents. I wrote to Stage Lane school after seeing parents drop their kids off and throw litter down. All the PC heads kept saying can you prove the parents were from this school.
    Further, This morning folks Sunday, because our dustmen never collected food waste caddy’s last Friday perhaps they are so shocked after the referendum.

    They are supposed to be locked with the handle up. I’ve just watched Charlie “fox” walk along smelling the caddy’s and the one he fancied he opened it without much fuss and took a bag out. Smart fox dumb council in Harrow. I bet he was a Brexiteer ha ha ha !! All for one and one for all. Hooray we are on our way!!!! Ave a nice day.

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