Feb 05 2013

Harrow Council – Flushing Residents’ Money Down the Plughole

pound_coinsIn this case, quite literally.

We’ve heard a worrying story about the Labour Group office spending money – £30,000 [1] was mentioned – on having a sink and water supply fitted into their offices at the Civic Centre. No longer content with having to take 30-odd steps down the corridor to wash out their feeding troughs, the Labour Group office now benefits from en-suite plumbing.

But, of course, wasting residents’ money on tarting up the office isn’t anything new: this is the same group of elected councillors who spent £13,000 on a new glass wall for their offices at the Civic Centre – something that residents are, to be frank, unlikely to ever see, let alone benefit from.

[1] We’re unable to confirm the figures mentioned, as the Council has told us that we’re not allowed to ask any more questions, in case, perhaps, we discover something else that they want to keep quiet.


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