Apr 26 2013

Harrow Council for Justice Says: Silence speaks!

writing_person_in_bookLatest communication from the Harrow Council for Justice…

We support the calls for Councillor David Perry to give convincing reasons why he challenged his group leader Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, ‘Britain’s first Sri Lankan council leader’, who was elected as the leader only few months ago.

It is crucial for Cllr Perry, hopeful for the Harrow Council leadership, to convince Harrow residents that he can confidently and independently account for his actions, ensure stability in running the council and uphold transparency. His silence reflects badly on his personality, in our opinion.

Harrow Labour group leader Councillor Idaikkadar was replaced by Councillor Perry at the recent Labour Group AGM. We, like many others concerned regarding the replacement, would wish to know what Cllr Perry is going to put right that Cllr Idaikkadar was doing wrong.

Or could it be that Cllr Idaikkadar has had a rough ride in a racing boat with a hole which has now been remotely unplugged, perhaps because of who he is.

The newly elected leader of the Labour Group, as far as we know and understand, has no track record of understanding or serving the highly diverse Harrow communities.

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  1. Peter Hamill on Facebook

    So what is this ‘Harrow Council for Justice’? Who elected them? How are they funded? Who exactly do they represent? I think we should be told.

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