Mar 19 2014

Harrow Council for (Racial) Justice – Confusing? Confuddled?

navel_gazingA couple of days ago, the latest missive from the Harrow Council for (Racial) Justice arrived.

It’s odd, as it quotes a comment from Trevor Phillips, who said: “…at the base of each mountain, we might find large numbers of women and ethnic minorities, whereas at the summit we will find a small amount of white, middle class men.”

So it’s not clear what the HC(R)J are commenting upon, particularly as they don’t mention Harrow in the context of this quote. And to compound the problem even further, wasn’t this the same group (which now seems to be objecting to women being at the base of each mountain) only a short while ago waged a sustained and aggressive attack on women councillors? Like Cllrs Susan Hall, Victoria Silver and Zarina Khalid?

The man behind the HC(R)J is, of course, Dr Pravin Shah, who is standing as an Independent councillor in Wealdstone.

U-turn? Far from attacking Cllr. Susan Hall or Cllr. Zarina Khalid, the so-called “Harrow Council for Justice” should instead be loudly celebrating their achievements and praising their leadership.

Perhaps if women weren’t so often the target of hate and venom from the HC(R)J we’d see more of them in local politics.

[warning]Just to be clear: The Harrow Council for (Racial) Justice has no connection to the Council of the London Borough of Harrow. [/warning]

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Would that be the Husain Akthar, of the Council for Justice, who is interested in swimming apparel? See under Husaingate above for details. Presumably when he climbs the mountain he will be holding a white flag with a speedo motif on it to show his defeat in Wealdstone.
    We are waiting for his campaign literature to come through our doors with a picture of him in his speedos. Will other councillors be downloading pictures of men in speedos and sending them to folks claiming it is Akthar?
    He says many there people who like to impersonate him. (again see Husaingate).

    As May is a warmer month perhaps other councillors will be out campaigning in there swimwear. Looks to be a lively election in Wealdstone.

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