Jan 13 2014

Harrow Council for (Racial) Justice Rediscover Laxatives

navel_gazingJust when you thought it safe to go back on the Internet, than the Harrow Council for (Racial) Justice, clearly having been suffering a bout of constipation, are now back to normal with their usual (and plentiful) bowel movements.

As last time, they’re on the attack of Cllr Susan Hall (for a change!) and are bitching and whining about something she hasn’t done. Still, makes good inflammatory reading, I suppose:

Conservative group leader Councillor Hall’s widely reported “veiled opposition to the Hindu school” saying that the traffic situation will be absolute “nightmare” and claiming ‘localised gang and criminal ‘ were vilified as “scaremongering” by the London Assembly Member Councillor Navin Shah in the Asian Voice. The newspaper also reported that “Cllr Susan Hall’s objection, has led to a wide-spread anger amongst the Asians, especially the Hindu community living around Harrow for two to three generations”!

Interesting that Councillor Hall has not expressed any similar concerns about establishing a state secondary school at the same site when the Hindu school moves out later.

On the Romanian and Bulgarian migration, they had this to say:

“Councils simply can’t cope with an influx of immigrants which will strain our housing lists and distort school class sizes”, Express newspaper quoted Councillor Hall.

The newspaper article then described the usual negativity associated with “immigration”. Mail online did their bit and reported: “Now police fly out to tell Romanians: Don’t come to Britain and commit crime!”

During the peak of Councillor Hall’s publicity gathering exercise regarding the “influx”, Mark Amies ‏@Superfast72 23 Dec  tweeted and asked: @harrow_council  “does that mean that Harrow is likely to be seeing them come here?” and  batty ‏@batty500 31 Dec tweeted: @harrow_council @Councillorsuzie  “when the legal & tax paying immigrants arrive & get attacked due to your spin you’ll have blood on ur hands”.

Then came the drop scene as no evidence of the claimed  “influx” could be found – big disappointment though the newspaper cuttings and recorded interviews could be passed on to generations as a ‘record of achievements’!

Sad that opportunists fail to understand that with a public position come the sense of responsibility and the public now has no real appetite for Enoch Powell ideology.

So, who’s behind this bout of gas and flatulence this time? Well, despite many suspicions, we’re obliged to point out that Cllr Husain Akhtar probably isn’t behind it – indeed, he’s already ‘announced’ he has ‘no involvement’ with the outfit. Your own conclusions may, of course, be drawn.

The other name in the frame may well be Dr Pravin Shah, but our email to the HC(R)J went unanswered, so we’ll never know. However, judging by the elevated diarrhoea levels in the comments page of the local press orginating from Messrs Akhtar and Shah, it does look like they’re standing somewhere.

Coincidentally, both ‘gentlemen’ are believed to be standing together as councillors in Wealdsone, although given that a brief period of time has elapsed, it’s anyone’s guess where Akhtar will be standing this time.

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