Aug 02 2014

Harrow Council – In Denial over Town Centre Changes?

harrow_council_logoHarrow council has just announced the publication of the Summer 2014 edition of the Business Newsletter – you can download a copy here, if you wish.

However, they seem to be in denial about the changes in our Town Centre. The photograph, proudly gracing the top of the front page, seems to ignore:

  • The new street furniture and paving on St Anns Road
  • The loss of Tchibo, which is now a Carphone Warehouse
  • The loss of Dorothy Perkins, Evans and, perhaps, Mothercare, all of whom have new tenants in those properties.

Admittedly, it’s probably just laziness on the part of the council, instead of outright denial of the changes in the Town centre. You might have thought someone, just someone, might have strolled down with an iPhone and taken a new photo, assuming, of course, that nobody at the Civic Centre already has one.

20140801_business_newsletterHowever, we can certainly declare them less than competent for the inexcusable mess at the bottom of the page, where they’ve simply flipped a similar shot so that the stores mentioned appear on the right of the road, as viewed from St Georges,all with the writing back to front…

20140801_business_newsletter2Still, perhaps they can stick a photo of a Florists Shop onto an empty unit somewhere. That worked wonders in North Harrow didn’t it? It’s three years on and it’s still empty…

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  1. old englishman

    the loss of police contact
    the police desk was removed from civic ctr reception even a volunteer could have been there to take enquiries
    the police desk at petergorough road has been removed
    the police cabin left vacant for 2 yrs in st annes now removed could be reinstalled
    plenty retired volunteers to take on these jobs could be attached to supermkts civic ctr
    where do you give info burglary . theft, motor queries ,, begging ,flytipping, 101 isnt much better

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Old Englishman

    I suggest you raise your queries with the new Safer Neighbourhood Board which deals with the topics you have mentioned above.


    Can anyone explain why the pretend florist shop is still vacant? Is the rent too high? Surely it would be better for the owners of empty premises to allow a tenant to pay a lower rent for say two years and have the property occupied and looked after.

    Also there are newly built flats in Wealdstone High Street with two retail units at the bottom that are empty. This seems to be a new building trend to build flats in High Streets with retail units below them that remain unoccupied.

    Does anyone know which councillor is in charge of regenerating Central Harrow and other retail areas?

    Why is money being splashed out on a chief executive when Harrow has these problems?

  3. PraxisReform

    There’s a fellow called Cllr. Keith Ferry that was the Planning & Regeneration Portfolio Holder last year before all the splits…

    His flood of press releases at the time seemed to be all of it’s down to government cuts, and the economic crisis. However, after comparing Watford and Ealing to Harrow, it seemed to me that the vast number of derelict shops and general run down nature of Harrow was more unique to the borough.

    I highlighted the matter to a number of Councillors, but even with the intervention of the local press, Cllr. Ferry refused to discuss the matter with me.

    Then, with the closure of more Shops in the Wealdstone corridor, especially the large InShops building in Wealdstone (the area Cllr. Ferry was supposed to be representing), I suggested that he be sacked, and that people complain to the local Labour party about his inaction.

    However, it seems that with the last round of elections, he’s just been reshuffled to Greenhill ward and promoted to Deputy Council leader.

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