Jan 29 2013

Harrow Council Launches Begging Bowl; Asks Residents for Help

pound_coinsWhere Harrow Council has failed, it now pins it’s hopes on people power to succeed and  to get the Government  to increase the level of grants it receives. Harrow gets £1,608 per resident, whereas Brent gets £3,317. The Council has failed to explain why, and even if we did ask, it wouldn’t tell us.  If Harrow got the same as Brent it would be £420m per year better off, it says.

In a show of “It’s not our fault, don’t blame us” over the Council Tax increases it recently announced, it’s laying the blame for that squarely at the Government’s door: “If we received a fair grant we would be able to freeze Council Tax for the fourth successive year or even reduce it,” it sniffs.

“The Council must invest in services to support a 33% rise in the number of children aged 0-4 and 1,000 more people over the age of 80 while overall population has grown by 15%,” it continues, unashamedly, not mentioning that it could sell the Mayor’s car and make him take a taxi instead to slash his transport costs by 66% save a few quid. And have you seen how much its paid its Senior Managers over the last year? Frightful.

Want to lend your voice to the the campaign? You can sign up here.

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    This is nothing other than a PR stunt by Messrs Lockwood & co to deflect their extremely poor decision to raise our Council Tax! I will not sign the petition when the senior managers who are paid extortionate salaries and the Cabinet who get paid well also, should have dealt with this themselves long before now! The fact the Council will not release any informative information on why they have raised our tax and what they have done before now to try and get a better grant, smacks of once again incompetence! I have never experienced such a closed, cold, and cavalier attitude towards the taxpayers in Harrow from an LA before in my entire life!
    Do your job properly Harrow Council, stop lying and tell the truth for once! Answer why the local settlement reveals that you are taking a 1.5% hit, and yet you continue to state it is a 1.8% decrease?
    Your despicable behaviour in the past toward my issues ensures I will never step into the breech to help you. As I said PR stunt only!
    P.s It is not legal to stop FOI requests just because you feel like it….shame on you!

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