Dec 17 2013

Harrow Council launches pre-Christmas blitz on restaurant hygiene

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council is reminding restaurants to keep it clean this festive season after four local eateries fell foul of a spot check over the weekend.

Raids were carried out in restaurants across Harrow involving officers from Harrow Council’s Licensing team, Police, Border Control Agency and Harrow and Brent Trading Standards.

Following the operation a foreign national was arrested at Taste of China, Station Road, Harrow when he was found to be working on an out-of-date visa.

Four restaurants in Harrow were also served with notice to clean up their act following poor standards of hygiene in kitchens after officers discovered dirty conditions.

Further details on the restaurants cannot be given at the moment as they are the subject of future legal action – residents can be assured this is not the end of the matter for the four.

Leader of Harrow Council, Cllr Susan Hall said: “We want our restaurants to thrive during the busy holiday period but my first concern is of course the health and safety of residents. We have a duty to protect them where there are concerns over hygiene in our restaurants – especially important in the run up to Christmas when people will be out and about in large numbers, socialising and enjoying themselves.”

She continued, “The raid also uncovered at least one illegal worker in a Harrow restaurant. It is important to me that we have a level and legal playing field for our local businesses, so employing illegal workers or workers without the proper papers cannot be tolerated. It is unfair on everyone doing things the right way. Great credit is due to our licensing officers who work with colleagues in the Police, Trading Standards and Border Agency to carry out these pre-Christmas raids.”

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Many of our restaurants and food outlets do us proud but some let the whole lot down.Re-assuring to know that we will be able to enjoy eating out or even have “take-aways “which have been hygienically produced to British Standards.Well done!

    Most encouraging that people over-staying their legitimate visas are being rounded up.This has been a bone of contention for far too long and has caused much resentment.EVERYBODY who has the LEGITIMATE RIGHT to stay will still continue doing so.

    Our grateful thanks to all agencies mentioned for working so hard at the most busy time of the year and delivering fair outcomes for the people of Harrow.Keep up the good work,.

    God Bless.

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