Dec 17 2013

Harrow Council leader meets leaders of the future

harrow_council_logoThe leader of Harrow Council was grilled by the leaders of the future on a visit to Hatch End High School.

Resplendent in her trademark purple, Cllr Susan Hall spent the morning talking to teens in the civics class about her role, why local government matters – and their hopes for the future.

“You hear lots of talk to the effect that young people are jaded and disengaged from politics – not at Hatch End High School,” said Cllr Hall. “Instead I found young people who are smart, very clued up on politics and fizzing with smart ideas – and very direct questions. I think that bodes very well for the future of politics.”


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  1. sonoo malkani

    I fully endorse what has been stated by Cllr Hall about these students at Hatch End High.These are youths who have tackled anti-bullying and other issues afflicting their peers in a business-like and grown-up fashion.We are blessed to have students of such high caliber but more importantly with a genuine interest in what is happening in society with a view to get out and make a difference!Their enthusiasm is truly infectious and energising.

    They genuinely care about EVERYTHING that is happening–from their future prospects,finances,the economy,world affairs,the environment ,saftey,security and a host of issues making you realise how keen they are to get ahead and help shape the society they live in.

    Even more,they are honestly moved by those who are vulnerable,less fortunate or “left behind” and do not hesitate to step up to the plate!Many of them are excellent role models for us to follow.It’s most encouraging to see that they belong to a variety of ethnic backgrounds,all sorts of shapes and sizes,young men and women which makes them truly representative of our population.They obviously believe in EQUALITY and respect DIVERSITY.Full marks!

    Perhaps one of them might apply to serve on our Safer Neighbourhood Board once it’s advertised.

    These youths work assiduously as a CLOSE-KNIT TEAM to achieve set goals and have done us proud.We are probably looking at the most precious gift of all—future leaders for Harrow.

    I would still love to meet with the ANTI-BULLYING group and look at what they have crafted so carefully to protect peers within their School.Their sanctuary is worth studying.Maybe we could encourage other schools locally to follow their excellent example.I feel certain our Borough Commander,Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens,will be interested to examine what’s on offer.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could have you ,along with many schools,at a public meeting in our Council Chamber,quizzing our Councillors and partners plus SHARING with all Harrovians
    YOUR DREAMS & IDEAS of re-shaping our society. It would be so refreshing and an eye-opener for many jaded and confused minds.It would certainly help us focus on burning issues of concern,with the local elections only five months away.

    God bless Harrow.

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