Sep 18 2013

Harrow Council Leader Rebuffs Labour’s Press Releases

susan_hall_pinup-150x150Barely 24 hours after Cllr Susan Hall became Leader of Harrow Council, Harrow’s Labour group issued a couple of press releases calling for her to freeze council tax and saying how disappointed they were with the’power grab’ at Monday night”s Council meeting. Cllr Hall’s office issued the following rebuttals:

Council Tax – “I’m afraid we’ve beaten Cllr. Perry to the punch, as I already set out in a press conference earlier today our administration’s desire to freeze council tax at the very least. I think it’s outrageously unfair that our residents pay the third highest council tax in London, in exchange for services which declined so badly under Labour. I would also remind Cllr. Perry that Labour increased Harrow’s council tax this year by 2.0%, and planned for another increase next year, even though he admits they had money to spare to freeze it. So we can all do without the lessons from him and the Labour Group on the importance of keeping council tax as low as possible.”

‘Power Grab’ – “I suspect that Cllr. Perry and the Labour Group would not be making such a fuss had they persuaded their former Labour colleagues to vote for them. I’m actually flattered that, after us working with Independent Labour for just a few months, they believe we are better able to work in the interests of Harrow’s residents than their former Labour Group colleagues – who they’ve known and worked with for years. So while the Labour Group obsess about the result and dream up conspiracy theories about how it happened, the Conservatives are focussed only on delivering a cleaner, safer and fairer Harrow for all our residents.”

With Cllr Hall expected to release details of her Cabinet very shortly, you can be sure that this story will run and run and run…

Updated 18.09.2013 20.24: A typo indicated that the council tax increase this year was 2.5% and that another 2.5% increase was also planned for next year. This typo has now been corrected.

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  1. AllThingsGood

    Did the Council Tax go up by 2.5%???? I was under the impression it went up by 2%? If indeed it was higher then why did it not spark a referendum which is what should have happened? Can someone answer this at all please?

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Before the split we put it up 2% not 2.5% which would have needed a referendum.

  3. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    For what it’s with Will, I think you shone once you broke away from Navin Shah’s gang and were head and shoulders better on planning than ol’ misery Ferry. As for the council tax rise, Polly Parrot, alias Sachin “the cuts’ Shah couldn’t balance peas on a fork, let alone a budget. It was Thaya’s sticking to Polly’s duff and spiteful “budget” that did for him, but the blame for the mess lies four-square with Long-John Navin Shah and Polly Parrot Sachin Shah…. Its the cuts….. AWWWWWWWWKK!

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