Oct 14 2015

Harrow Council Leader says “Give us back our missing millions!”

harrow_council_logoHarrow is missing out on nearly £40 million every year because of outdated Government funding formulas – £159 for every resident.

Today, Cllr David Perry, the Leader of Harrow Council, launched a campaign urging Government to give Harrow a better, fairer deal.

He said: “Every year, Harrow residents suffer because Government funding formulas fail to recognise changes here. It means we miss out on millions we could spend protecting the vulnerable, improving our public realm, repairing roads, fixing buildings, creating apprenticeships and making classrooms better. It’s another kick in the teeth when you consider our grant has been cut year-on-year. Today, we are asking residents to join us and tell Government we want a better deal.”

The 159 campaign was launched as Harrow Council revealed new research which shows that each resident in Harrow is missing out on £159 because of outdated funding models introduced in 1978.

The research shows:

  • Harrow is missing out on £39.8 million each year compared to the London average. Harrow Council is already facing a reduction of £83 million due to a decrease in funding from government.
  • Harrow gets one of the worst deals out of the 32 London boroughs.
  • Every Harrow resident receives £159 less per year than the average Londoner. The best funded residents in Kensington & Chelsea each get £365 per year.

Cllr Perry stated it was vital that residents signed up to the campaign to send a loud and clear message to Government that Harrow is fed-up of being short-changed. He said: “I don’t expect a change overnight, but by joining our £159 campaign you can make your voice heard and help us to highlight this shortfall to government. As well as trying to get a fair share of the funding we are also looking for other sources of income. We are already sharing services with other councils; such as HB Public Law, public health services and also procurement. This in addition to driving down the costs of our contracts means we have been able to protect a wide range of services in the borough, which includes street cleaning and care for the elderly.”

The petition will be delivered by a delegation to Downing Street, so the government can take action.

Go to www.harrow.gov.uk/harrow159 to sign the ‘Harrow £159’ petition and follow the progress of the campaign or follow on twitter using the hashtag #Harrow159.

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  1. Gary

    its about time that a political leader took the Bull by the horns and challenged the Barnet funding formula, Unison is about to embark on elections for the general secretary post (leader of the largest public sector unions) Harrow unison Branch is supporting Heather Wakefield, because like so many other people who portray an interest in peoples well-being and communities, she too is challenging the LGA over the unfair, outdated funding formula. we now wonder whether this topic will be supported by the leader of the Conservative group, yes Susan come and join the fight for fairer funding, if you wish to enlist the help of Bazza MC he too would be welcome. this subject is not about political differences its about fairness to the elderly, vulnerable and all residents of Harrow. lets look at facts if Harrow received the same funding as Hillingdon then we would face no cuts whatsoever, or are we just going to debate and endure another political debacle or are all other political parties in full agreement with this out of date formula.

  2. mike mcfadden

    A dozen councils are on the brink of financial failure, the Local Government Association has told the BBC.
    I wonder where Harrow is in the league? Dave, how much is owed by non-payment of council tax in the Borough?
    Then we come back to the inevitable question how much is being wasted on failed pet projects? These questions must be answered by someone that knows.
    Things are serious because I’m now of the opinion Harrow have realised they can’t spend their way out of debt especially with other peoples money.

    No weirdo’s need comment, thank you! Ave a nice day.

  3. red mirror

    harrow council mickey boy need to tell the truth on how much of the unlawful council tax goes to central government it would also help if the very overly top heavy time wasting doughnut munching [WEIRDO] middle management were sacked especially the beasteality brigade
    no bbc believers need reply toodle pip geezer.

  4. Someonewhocares

    “Mickey boy” – Instead of “going off on another befuddled speculative meander” how about you stop using the Daily Mirror etc as your main source of ‘wisdom’ and look at the actual DCLG STATISTICS instead ?:


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