Feb 26 2014

Harrow Council Likely to Pay-Off Another Officer £100,000+ to Leave

moneyA quick skim through the agenda for the Harrow Council meeting on February 27, 2014 (page 66), shows that  the Council may be seeking to axe a senior officer with a remuneration payment of over £100,000.

The details are, again, restricted, so there is no indication of which officer – or indeed, Corporate Director – this refers to, although rumours have been circulating and are, as yet, unconfirmed.

The debate at Council will, of course, exclude the press and public, so yet again, residents will not be able to find out what their council tax payments are being spent on.

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  1. karia-sanjay

    If an employee is doing a good job, why would you axe or delete the post – the only likely answer could be either 1) because of incompetence or 2) the director has “fallen foul of the powers that be” – in the absence of the chief executive, could this be the present leader of the council (Ms Hall) ?

    If axed because of incompetence then surely the director should be dismissed and not cost the taxpayers £100k. If because the director has fallen foul of the powers that be than surely this is similar to bullying in a school playground – why else was the chief executive dismissed ?

    What has became of Harrow where either officers are rewarded for incompetence or dismissed because of some unknown reason ?

  2. j p hobbs

    I hope he is from Traffic dept .

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