Nov 11 2012

Harrow Council Managers to face Pay Cut

After much too-ing and fro-ing, Harrow Council has announced that it has finally reached an agreement with the trade unions over pay cuts and working changes for council employees. The agreement will see a re-balancing of pay, with senior managers and staff receiving pay cuts, and the lowest-paid workers getting pay rises. The end result will be an overall smaller wages bill for the Council, as overtime and weekend payments will also be reduced.

It also looks like Councillor allowances will receive similar changes (although we’d go to pains to point out that the statement by Bill Stephenson, the Leader of the Council at the time, didn’t actually go as far to say ‘cuts’ or ‘rises’ – just ‘affected similarly’.

The programme to ‘modernise working’ will take the Council a step closer to a 21st Century business, with enhanced flexible hours, remote access to IT systems, and, no doubt, a roll-out of new technology to make them all more efficient.

The Harrow Times has all the details, here.

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