Jan 08 2013

Harrow Council Messes Up Bin Collections Again

harrow_council_logoFollowing on from the mess that Harrow Council made with bin collections back around the time of the Queen’s Jubilee week (here and here), it seems that Christmas has caught them out again.

Despite their well-intentioned plans to schedule bin collections over the Christmas and New Year period – which we hear went reasonably well – they’ve now managed to mess up this weeks’ collections.

Harrow has decided to suspend Brown bin collections this week. We’re not sure if it’s just incompetence or the start of the ‘non-impacting frontline cuts’ we’ve heard so much about. I suppose at this point, either could be true.

ha2_bin_collection_planAny resident checking the ‘Bin Collection Days’ part of the Harrow website will be told that Green or Blue (depending on where you live)  along with the Brown bin will be collected.

Not the case.

At the time of writing, there’s no update on the Harrow Council web site to say this and nothing on the phone line when you call Public Realm (it just refers to commercial bin collections). There’s not even any point in asking Harrow’s PR team for a comment, since they don’t answer email either.


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  1. Harrow Direct on Facebook

    It’s a seasonal thing 🙂

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Well what a surprise…… NOT!

    Do you remember the appalling state of the bin collections in 2006 when the Conservatives won the Council elections?

    Do you remember the carping, the bitching and pathetic posturing by the Man Who Bankrupted Harrow, Cllr Navin Shah, about the “shambolic” bin collections, especially the brown bin collections, that HIS. government foisted on us and that the Labour Council screwed up?

    And who was the Portfolio Holder for the grandly titled “Urban Living” (environment)? Step forward, the congenitally incompetent and boring Cllr Phil O’Dell?

    Despite all of Shah’s sniping and complaining about “Tory cuts” and his favourite word “consultation”, even he couldn’t distract residents from the huge improvements, the new dust carts, cleaner streets, repairs and better collections under Susan Hall’s leadership, aided by two decent officers, John Edwards and Alan Whiting.

    So here we are under two years on, collections are worse, front line staff sacked because of the non-existant “cuts” and the roads are getting holey again. And who’s in “charge” again? Step forward, the congenitally incompetent and terminally boring Cllr Phil O’Dell aided this time by the affable but gullible Cllr Graham Henson who stated that “bin collections will be made more efficient using IT”. This is the same Cllr Henson who is presiding over Harrow’s IT meltdown and the appalling Capita, who aren’t dubbed Crapita for nothing.

    And while the whole Harrow show grinds to a halt, Council Captain Long John Idiakkadar keeps schtum, while his dull grey parrot Cllr Sachin Shah keeps squawking on about “the cuts”. Polly wants a cracker, AAAAAWWWWKK, It’s the cuts, AAAAAWWWWKK…..

    Still, I suppose they score highly for RECYCLING excuses, albeit causing local warming from the hot air spouted that raises our temperatures.

    As for the future. Here it is. I predict that the best Officers and possibly the Chief Exec, seeing their CVs devalued as Labour flushes Harrow down the tubes, will take their severance packages and pensions and scarper, leaving the incompetent and utterly unemployable elsewhere, timeservers behind. The Conservatives, unable or unwilling to tackle the self-serving, knife in the back obsessives destroying the Conservative Associations will become an irrelevance, and Harrow will be doomed to become a failed Labour loony Left Council that residents will have to suffer and pay for, forever. As for the LibDums, they screwed up too.

    Harrow Council, going from collecting rubbish, to a collection of rubbish.

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