Feb 11 2013

Harrow Council – more law firm than council, it seems

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council is set to bolster its ranks, by advertising for another lawyer to join it’s throng. With 70 lawyers (plus the usual cacophony of legal assistants, filing clarks, etc, etc) it seems that the Council may be simply giving up on trying to run the borough’s public services, and turning itself into a law firm.

The adverts we saw say, “In today’s reshaped legal landscape, HB Public Law is among the vanguard of a new wave of local government practices.” It continues: “This number is set to grow and grow as we follow our ambitious, far-sighted plans to take on further public and third sector clients.”

Those residents wanting to know more about how HB Law operates can download their Office Manual, which goes into fascinating detail about what the outfit expect from it’s people. In condescending style, it points out that ‘When you leave at the end of the night – all that is on your desk is your computer, your labelled filing trays, your phone, pad of paper, pen holder, desktop caddy…’ and that ‘There is no need to keep random and unnecessary clutter.’

If you’d like to join them, they have eleven vacancies at present, although offering a role of just £48k for a Senior Lawyer isn’t likely to attract the best, we’d have thought.

Read more about Harrow’s law efforts in an 2007 article here, and then make your application using one of the email addresses here if you’re interested.

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    Lets hope their advertising for an education lawyer brings in someone that knows the legal ramifications of education law this time, as it has not always been the case in the past!

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