Oct 24 2016

Harrow Council: “not policy to provide a telephone service for customers”

harrow_council_broken_2Harrow Council seems to have finally admitted what residents have been feeling for years: they don’t want to provide a telephone service to customers.

In an anonymously-written response to an FOI request – declared vexatious, heh! – which asked:

  1. Photographs of the desks of all members of staff in the Parking Enforcement team, showing whether or not there is a telephone on each desk.
  2. Details of whether any person in the Parking Enforcement team has a speech or hearing impediment that would prevent them from answering a telephone call.
  3. Names, direct dials AND extension numbers for all people in the Parking Enforcement team, from the lowest level clerk to the head of Parking Services.

The council, referring to itself in the third person – why does it do that?!? – haughtily replied:

  1. The tone and content of your request are clearly vexatious;
  2. In context your request has no serious purpose or value
  3. The request appears to relate solely to your individual complaint about the issuing of a PCN and appears to have no wider public interest.

It then finishes off with the clincher:


’nuff said.


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