May 30 2016

Harrow Council – Now Getting Traffic Management Orders Wrong

harrow_council_broken_2Residents in a quiet leafy Wood End Avenue in South Harrow woke up last week to the sound of workmen from Thames Water digging a hole, some 3m deep, and projecting across more than half the roadway, blocking off two driveways completely, and making access agrees into several others difficult. You’d have thought the council might have at least warned those residents affected by this, especially since Thames Water say they gave the council some three months notice of the work, wouldn’t you?

Alas not. The best residents got was a couple of A4 notices, fixed to streetlamp poles in the road a full 24 hours after work started. A search of the struggling council’s website on Traffic Management Orders showed nothing related to this, and a flick through the local paper showed only one possible candidate, which included Wood End Avenue in the title, but then went on to talk about Bishop Ken Road, some five miles away.


We’ve asked Ian Slaney, the Service Manage responsible at Harrow Council to explain what this mess is all about, but in the interim, it’s clear that the council, not content to making a complete cock-up of brown bins, is now looking at messing up Traffic Management Orders and upsetting ever more residents.

Residents will probably by now be wondering how long it’ll be before the reticent Chief Exec’s honeymoon period is over, and he starts getting held to account for failings across the borough. Or he resigns again and takes another handy payoff…


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  1. Keith Rookledge

    No information on VillageWay closure either!!

  2. F.D.Billson

    The residents of Harrow are being taken for a ride by this God forsaken council. It surprises me why more people in the borough do not protest especially about the scandalous re employment of the Chief Executive who is there under false pretences.

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