Mar 11 2013

Harrow Council: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

pointsixpercentA week ago, your fumbling and bumbling Harrow Council announced it had reached over 1,100 signatures for it’s begging-bowl Campaign for a Fairer Grant.

The press release trumpets that “Over 1,100 residents have now thrown their weight behind the Campaign…” which sounds fabulous, a nice round number, and something worth waking up the chaps in the Council’s PR department to rustle up a press release.

But look at it another way: Harrow has, according to the 2011 Census, 239,056 residents. Take out those aged under 20 (yes, annoying, I know, but that’s what the Census data shows) and we’re left with a total of 179,025 residents in the borough.

Out of those 179, 025 residents, 1,100 have signed Great Leader’s campaign. Which works out, uh, at, uhm,  about 0.6% – or in laymans’ terms, just over half a percent (or “not very bloody many”).

“Council leader Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar and the council’s Portfolio Holder for Finance, Cllr Sachin Shah reached out to residents in St George’s shopping centre in Harrow Town Centre and clocked up over 100 signatures between them…” according to the press release. We’re not sure where they were standing – outside the Gent’s toilets, perhaps? – but given these two are the ones behind the recent Council Tax rise, perhaps they weren’t the best choice to be out trying to garner support for their dismal flop of a scheme.

To sign the petition visit www.harrow.gov.uk/fairgrant.


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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    What a joke!

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    God you really know how to hurt a guy’s feelings Paul – they weren’t behind the Council Tax rise – it was ME! And I had to fight to convince every one else in our party! And if we didn’t do it we’d go bust-simple as that! Do you want Harrow to go bust Paul? Do you want all those old ladies and orphaned kids thrown out in this cold weather Paul?! It does not matter HOW MANY TIMES you or the Harrow Times whinge about it, we have out mandate from the Weat Harrow by-election; a MASSIVE mandate from, by local by-election stats, a MASSIVE turnout. Look forward to discussing further on Wed…

  3. Morepowertothepeople

    At last we now know who the guilty party is…..Cllr Stoodley! If Harrow Council had gone bust it would have been because of mismanaging taxpayers money, and trust me I can give you a whole list! One little by – election does not maketh the man! And if your that worried about kids why have Harrow just pulled the plug on the charity Homestart. The quicker the rot from the top downwards is ended within Harrow Council the better for all of us!

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