Jan 02 2013

Harrow Council Officer Paid £137,000 not to work

harrow_council_logo2The Evening Standard has an article today about a Harrow Council officer – who is apparently a “senior education officer” – who was suspended since April 2010: almost three years ago. The suspension is reportedly to allow the council to carry out an investigation surrounding some “…alleged misconduct relating to child protection.”

The Standard says:

“As well as paying out the highest known amount to an individual employee in London, Harrow also has 15 staff suspended, the most of any authority, at a cost of £210,000.”

One might wonder what on earth is happening at Harrow Council: with one Councillor recently sentenced for fraud/theft offences, another arrested for alleged child porn, yet another caught doing naughty things with another man in a gents toilet a while back, and a previous Deputy Mayor sacked from his job for downloading porn at work some years ago.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…alleged misconduct relating to child protection.[/pullquote]

Yes, it’s right that employees suspected of acts of this nature are suspended, so that an investigation can be carried out, but we’d argue that the Council has the moral obligation to to do so quickly. Yes, these things can take time. Yes, they should be done properly. But it’s hard to imagine we’d be able to find a council tax payer supporting  the ludicrous idea of it taking so long. And costing so much.

We’ve asked the Council for more details on how much it’s spent on paying employees who are suspended, where they worked, and how long those 15 have been suspended for – it’s doubtful we’ll receive a reply anytime soon though.

You can read the full story at the Evening Standard’s site here.

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