Mar 28 2016

Harrow Council: Out of touch, out of date, or just incompetent over 101?

harrow_council_brokenStruggling Harrow council makes a further fool of itself this weekend, and at the same time, also makes a mockery of the Met Police’s PR over the 101 non-emergency number, by telling residents that the current non-emergency number is 0300 123 1212. This  revelation comes on the back of an A4 tri-fold leaflet shoved through residents’ doors recently as part of a street lighting upgrade programme.

Unfortunately for Harrow council, this number was replaced in 2012 by the new – and correct – 101 number, available across all 43 police forces in England & Wales. This makes the council some four years behind the times.

101, according to the Met, “…is now the only number to call when you want to get through to your local police when it’s less urgent than 999.” They go on: “101 replaces our 0300 123 1212 number…”

The 101 number was launched in 2006, and by January 2012, was in use right across the UK, when Commander Ian Dyson ACPO lead on contact management, said: “Having just two phone numbers – 101 for reporting a crime that has happened, to get advice or to raise local policing issues – or 999 if it’s an emergency, makes calling the police a lot easier and makes our services more accessible.” Congratulations to the Labour-run council for just making that a lot more difficult for Harrow’s residents.

But, it’s just as bad on their website: the floundering local authority also lists the same number on their web pages for Domestic Violence help and support as well.

Finally, what’s worse is that the council shows the 101 number elsewhere on their website: so it’s not as if they can pretend they don’t know about. Out of touch, out of date or just incompetent? From where we’re sitting, it looks like all three.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    I have no wish to kick anyone when they are down but Harrow Council really are a mess. You will probably find the use of so many languages is the root of their problems. Its time to get back to “English only” way of life. If anyone one wants it in a different language they must move to a country that speaks it.!! It ain’t rocket science Innit Mate!!!! Ave a nice happy Easter and lots of Easter eggs. “Yeah”.

  2. Sonoo Malkani

    The 101 non-emergency number for the Police has been in operation for so many years now.How on earth is Harrow Council giving out incorrect information in 2016 to its citizens.Some one must take responsibility for this and make sure the information is corrected right away.

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