Apr 05 2011

Harrow Council – Payments over £500

Harrow now publish a list, each month, of payments over £500 in that month to their suppliers.  It makes interesting reading.  From February’s report:

  • Starbucks – £2,630.51
  • Vodafone – £9,450.79
  • Royal Mail – £13,870.86

The big ones?  How about:

  • Enterprisemouchel – £848,575.29
  • Capita Business Services – £1,306,353.40
  • Kier Support Services Ltd – £1,481,398.76 (that’s nearly one and a half million pounds!)

Now of course, from this data, we don’t know if those are month, quarterly, or annual payments, but I’m wondering why Starbuck’s is so high up the list.  Do our Councillor’s really drink that much coffee?  Do they have corporate Latte cards?

Harrow Council, you’re welcome to let us know, in the comments, below.

Source(s): Harrow Council




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