Feb 02 2014

Harrow Council Picks Lesbian White Couple to Adopt Muslim Girl

harrow_council_logoA MUSLIM family of Somali origin have protested after Harrow Council’s social services chose a white lesbian couple to adopt their three-year-old daughter, according to the Daily Mail. The family say offers from four members of their extended family to care for the girl were rejected. Relatives want the child to be brought up by a family who share their religious and ethnic background.

Councillor Susan Hall, leader of Harrow council, said: “Clearly there is always an ideal that a child could be matched with parents from a similar background and heritage. But the reality is that the ultimate choice is governed by the kind of adoptive parents who are available.”

Hall also said that “dragging out” the process did not help the child, adding: “The most important thing is that the child goes to a loving and supportive home and to people we believe, on the basis of thorough assessment, are best suited to look after them.”

A source at Harrow Council said that there are no Muslim adoptive parents available anywhere in the UK. He went on to explain that it wasn’t “suitable muslim adoptive parents” that were lacking; it was that there were NO muslim adoptive parents.

Interestingly, the Mail has disabled comments on it’s website for this particular article, citing ‘legal reasons.’

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  1. Praxis Reform

    The simple answer here is that if the Muslim family are so unhappy, they can put themselves forwards to offer a home to a child needing a family, and I’m sure any Council’s social services will welcome them with open arms.

    Well done Harrow Council for putting common sense before anyone’s religious book of fairy tales.

    1. Dame Betty

      The article states: “The family say offers from four members of their extended family to care for the girl were rejected.”

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Are muslims not allowed by their religion to adopt children? Is there anyone who could explain this religious belief as I have never come across it before.

  3. MysticMeg

    I am in agreement with Praxis. If the Somali community is so unhappy with The council’s decision, then why does a Somali family not put themselves forward and adopt the child? Simple. This whole issue is a nonsense. This is not about religion, it is about homophobia. Harrow Council’s decision to place the child in a loving caring home where it will be raised with dedication by people who really want the child is surely the most important consideration. Well done Harrow.

  4. Praxis Reform

    Hmmm, I wonder why there’s no mention of the two iLabour Councillors standing amongst the protesters?


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