Oct 25 2012

Harrow Council Prepares for Winter

Gritting of roads in the borough reduces the danger to the public from ice or snow.

The Met Office provides the borough with advance information on the prevailing weather conditions. Based on this information the borough decides whether or not to grit the roads.

Gritting generally takes place in the evening starting at 20.00 hrs, and when necessary at 05.00 hrs in the morning although the service can be delivered 24/7 when needed. Harrow Council officers manage the service which is delivered by its contractor May Gurney.

Weather forecasts are received from the Met Office four times a day and this is used to assess the correct time to go gritting. In times of severe weather it may be necessary for extra or even continuous gritting to take place until the roads become passable.

It is not practical to grit all the streets in the borough. To find out if your street is on the gritting route, click here, and type in your street name. Only the carriageways in the borough are gritted. Footways are not generally pre-gritted however in extreme conditions the council’s staff may be deployed to clear snow/ice from footways and pedestrian areas. Priorities include areas outside tube & bus stations, main shopping centers etc.

Source: Harrow Council

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