Feb 21 2013

Harrow Council Promotes Labour Leader’s Twitter Account

twitter_logoHarrow Council seem to have taken it upon itself to promote the Twitter account of Thaya Idaikkadar, Labour’s Great Leader in it’s internal Staff Update newsletter this week (dated 20 February 2013).

So, what’s wrong with that? Well, for starters, it contains what is clearly political content (see example below). Should the Council be supporting and rallying around the Labour Party’s online activities? Boris Johnson came under fire for using the Mayor of London Twitter’s account during the 2012 London Mayor election campaign.

It seems remarkably odd that this started in the lead-up to the West Harrow by-election – if we wasn’t so sure it was genuine, it could quite possibly seem like a smear campaign by one of the other parties!

We’ll be watching next week’s Staff Update to see if the Council is suggesting its staff follow the Twitter accounts of the Conservative and the Independents.


You can also follow @harrow_council for an apolitical feed.


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  1. Hooray Henry

    There is no apostrophe in “its staff follow”. Maybe you should sort your own grammer out before criticising Kareema’s spelling?! By the way we have a great nickname for you now in our Labour camp – Paul Boalokes…!!

  2. Well spotted, and thanks for pointing it out – I’ve corrected it. I always have problems with those damn apostrophes!

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