Jan 31 2013

Harrow Council Provides Boost to Voluntary Sector

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council is proposing to award £600,000 in grants for services, which is £100,000 more than originally proposed in an earlier published report to the Grants Advisory Panel.

Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community and Cultural Services Cllr David Perry said: “Despite huge cuts to our funding, and the most challenging financial situation we have faced in decades, we are committed to supporting and nurturing the great work being done in our community by the voluntary sector. We do listen and take comments – and for this reason we have been able make a much smaller reduction in grant funding than originally proposed. In the light of the overall cuts to the Council’s budget, I am pleased that we are able to set aside this much money for voluntary organisations. This money will go towards the work that these organisations carry out to protect and provide for some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents.

He continued, “We have an active and valued voluntary sector in Harrow that everyone should be proud of. This is why we have set aside this money to support their hard work in the community, unlike some local authorities which have cut this funding.”

This year, the Council is proposing to ring-fence £75,000 of this grant to fund a new Community and Voluntary Sector support service (CVS). The council is also supporting local organisations to identify what is needed and be ready to potentially deliver this service, which will support the long-term sustainability of voluntary groups in the borough with volunteer coordination, fundraising and training.

Seventy-nine grant applications have been received by the council and a decision on which groups will receive funding will be made at a public meeting. The funding will help organisations to run schemes, projects and one off events that will support people most in need.

The Council’s Grants Advisory Panel will consider applications on February 4. Their recommendations will then be passed to Cabinet who will make a final decision on February 14th.

Source: Harrow Council

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