Jan 29 2013

Harrow Council Publishes 2011-12 Statement of Accounts

pound_coinsHarrow Council has today published it’s Statement of Accounts for 2011-12 and is making them available to public scrutiny. At 167 pages, they are 20-odd pages longer than last year, and about twice the size to download. When we say ‘published’ we actually mean ‘hidden away on their website, rather than announced on the front page’, but they’ll probably change that once they read this.

There’s far too much detail to go into at present, but those with an eye for numbers are invited to have a look – if you spot anything interesting, do let us know via email at info@iharrow.com.

The formal notice of Account Closure is here; the accounts for 2011-12 can be downloaded here. The accounts for previous years can be download directly from Harrow’s website, here.

We understand that a formal notice will be published in the local press in due course.

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