Jan 05 2013

Harrow Council Publishes it’s Office Manual 2012 for Joint Legal Service

Hharrow_council_logo2arrow Council has published it’s Office Manual for the Joint Legal Service – a ‘tie up’ between Harrow and Barnet to do the usual: reduce costs, improve efficiencies, etc, etc. You can download all 41 parts from Harrow’s website, here.

We’ve downloaded and had a look at some of the appendices. 4A, for example, goes into detail of the dress code requirements. In what might be described as a ‘sniffy manner’ is says that staff should wear ‘clothes which fit properly, not too tight or baggy as this tends to give a more casual appearance…’ and ‘Tops should not be so minimal as to not cover the cleavage.’

Section 20A points out that ‘When you leave at the end of the night – all that is on your desk is your computer, your labelled filing trays, your phone, pad of paper, pen holder, desktop caddy…’ and that ‘There is no need to keep random and unnecessary clutter.’

Section 23A lists a number of online law resources, and helpfully provides logins and passwords that people can use to access those resources. Not too sure if this is a bright idea…

Section 31 carries on with some ideas on how to spot Mortgage Fraud, whilst at the same time, giving those who’d wish to commit it some ideas of what the service is looking out for.

Finally, Section 41 talks about One Barnet, and explains how work on One Barnet is to be separated from the network, with staff plugging and unplugging cables if they wish to use the printer: “Barnet Council is currently carrying out major tendering processes.  As at September 2012 Capita are one of the bidders. As Capita is also Harrow Council’s information technology provider there is a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place. The terms of the NDA require complete separation between (a) “One Barnet“ programme work and (b) other legal work carried out by the joint legal service.”

It’s not too terribly revealing, but we’d wonder why Harrow would want to publish all this on the internet for anyone to read.

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