Jan 05 2013

Harrow Council Publishes its Performance Report

harrow_qr_codeHarrow Council has published its Strategic Performance Report Q2 July – Sept 2012, which makes interesting reading. Using a ‘traffic light’ system, it has ranked itself in a smattering of reds, ambers and greens, across a whole host of different areas, and it certainly contains some surprises.

Did you know, for example, that it ran a trial with QR codes back in August? No, nor did we. That’s a QR code, above, which can be used with a Smartphone to open a website – this one is constructed to open Harrow Council’s website, but you can use them for many things.

Neighbourhood Champion recruitment gets a big red trafficlight, as the intent to reach 2000 champions this year has actually seen a reduction to under 1000 in total.

How about that Harrow only collects 71% of debts owed to it? And that £4.3m is owed to it at present by Public Sector bodies?

The report is generally spread fairly evenly across all three colours, so it’s worth taking the time to have a read. Reports from a few previous quarters can also be downloaded from here.


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