Jan 29 2013

Harrow Council Publishes Strategic Assessment 2011-12

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council has published it’s (draft, apparently) 2011-12 Strategic Assessment, showing how well the borough is managing crime, disorder, littering, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour.

The Strategic Assessment (SA) is an annual assessment of crime and ASB and related issues in the borough of Harrow. Its purpose is to provide individuals and organisations with a summary of crime and ASB. The SA is one of a number of reports and forums which have the aim of informing decision making around community safety issues.

Efforts to inform range from analysis and research reports to intelligence based information sharing forums. Specific examples include:

  • Joint Agency Tasking and Coordinating Group (JATCG)
  • Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team (ASBAG)

One of the main functions of the SA is also to feed into and inform Harrow’s Community Safety Plan, a document which sets out Safer Harrow’s plan for tackling crime and ASB in the year ahead.

It would be unfair – and not very useful – to list all the negative aspects of the report, as it’s important that the information is taken in context. For example, littler-bin ‘incidents’ in South Harrow have increase by almost 700% in a year, but in real numbers, that only means that one report in 2010-11 has changed to eight in 2011-12.

You can download the 70-page Assessment from iharrow.com here or from Harrow Council’s website here.

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  1. John Clement

    I do hope that none of the council have financial links with this company. There do seem to be a lot of economically suspect dealings with developers and big business which are costing well over the odds.

  2. John Clement

    If you are unlucky enough to live near any of the tenants of Stadium housing or the slum landlord Better properties fly tipping will be the norm because all of their tenants are unemployed scrounging wasters who contribute nothing to society or the community and have no standards of decent behaviour and are only interested in handouts. Extortionate rents are funded by housing and child benefits for people who contribute only bad things to society & the community.

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