Jan 29 2014

Harrow Council puts pop art on its bin lorries – but with a serious message

harrow_council_logo2A COMIC book treatment – but Harrow Council is deadly serious about its message to clean up the borough. The North London council has created a ‘blitz team’ whose job it is to target particular eyesore areas plagued with dumping and graffiti.

The council – with apologies to Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol et al – has added a little pop art flourish to the side of its 18 bin lorries with this 10ft-long comic-style depiction of its cleaning team.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council said: “This is a bit of fun to underline a serious message on our part – and pop art has always been a very effective way of doing that. Our blitz team cleaners may not wear capes, but they certainly have superpowers when it comes to keeping the borough looking good.”


We queried the cost of this – the Council tells us that there was no cost, “…it was part of existing campaign work.”

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  1. Mystic Meg

    Whilst not a great fan of Harrow Council, I must concede that Susan Hall has got her teeth into some serious issues in Harrow and is being seen to effectively change things for the better. You never saw the former leader of Harrow Council doing anything very much about anything to be honest. Love her or hate her, at least Ms Hall is taking her job seriously and actually doing something positive to change this Borough. Tackle anti-social behaviour and get something done about litter in our streets next Susan and you will get my vote!

  2. Bazza08

    Just done a quick look-up for 10ft X 5ft self-adhesive banners and I am surmising that they are on both sides of the bin lorries that’s 36 posters you are looking at around £4600 and that’s not taking into the cost of sticking them on which I bet is a very skilled job and will not be cheap!!!
    So if this money and it is not a small amount was already there why has not been used to sweep up the dirty litter and dead leaves on our streets and pavements.
    But my main concern is Susan Hall and Harrow Council should not be putting up banners saying where’s your rubbish we will move it for you (at great cost to council taxpayers),

    Harrow Council
    and the Police should be putting up banners saying if you drop litter or fly-tip you will be prosecuted and heavily find. On a number of sights and forums people keep asking how many people have been prosecuted for littering or fly-tipping by Harrow Council NO-One will answer the question.
    As far as I am concerned this BLITZ team is a waste of time and money unless they do something about the problem of people just thinking they can dump their rubbish and drop litter on our streets and pavements

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