Feb 12 2013

Harrow Council Rattles Piggy Bank – Finds Cash to Support HYM

musical_notesHarrow Council and Harrow Young Musicians (HYM) are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement which will see HYM receive the funding it needs to continue providing its popular music tuition. The agreement followed talks between HYM and the Council after the Council confirmed it would not be able to support the current funding arrangements. These talks re-affirmed the Council’s determination to support the group, which provides music tuition to many youngsters in the borough, and also set out plans for how the group will be self-financing in the future.

The Council is now in a position to offer £50,000 worth of funding, split over two years, made up of £30,000 in 2013, followed by £20,000 in 2014.

This agreement will provide enough funding for Harrow Young Musicians to continue operating, while the Council is able to make vital efficiency savings, which are required to balance a very challenging budget. The Council will also offer support to help the group become self-sufficient when the two years is up and a decision on funding from April 2015 will be made in future years.

Harrow Council Portfolio Holder for Community and Cultural Services Cllr David Perry said: “Having reviewed the situation and taken into account public opinion, I am pleased to be able to reach this agreement. By engaging directly with us on this issue, which was part of the budget consultation, HYM have helped to shape our future policy. I very much hope that by working together and continuing to build our relationship with Harrow Young Musicians we will be able to help them to become self-sustaining and they will continue to go from strength to strength. Harrow Young Musicians is a popular organisation, which enables the borough’s young people from all backgrounds to follow their passions and talent for music.”

Mark Gooding, Director of Harrow Young Musicians, said: “‘Harrow Young Musicians has always received a grant from Harrow Council, which has meant that fees for membership are not unacceptably high. HYM is an inclusive family. Our kids prefer it that way. Removing the grant completely would inevitably mean that poorer children would miss out. HYM understands the financial pressures the Council is under. After an unsettling few months, it is a great relief to HYM that we receive the news that Harrow Council will continue its funding. Even with a reduction in its grant, HYM has the chance of survival, while also maintaining its essential character. Many thanks for the wonderful support from students, young and old, parents, councillors of all parties, the press, distinguished musicians, senior education figures and people I’ve never met. All children should have access to great music, from Stravinsky to Stevie Wonder, from Beethoven to Ben Farrar.”

It has also been proposed as part of the agreement that HYM will either allocate £10,000 of existing reserves to help with its running costs or sufficiently increase their fundraising activities. The organisation will also review its fees in order to look at generating additional income and look at reducing costs wherever possible.

Harrow Council will investigate with the Arts Council whether it can allocate additional funds to HYM, from the funding it receives for the Harrow Education Music Hub. The Council will help with the recruitment of new members, provide support for running the website and admin, offer funding advice and help with seeking external grant funding.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. Jeremy Zeid Harrow-UKIP

    Here’s an idea…. Rather than spending the thick end of THIRTY GRAND of our money, running a water supply into the Labour Office, (they’re wet enough as it is), GIVE IT TO Harrow Young Musicians. As the Meerkat says “Simples”

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