Aug 29 2013

Harrow Council reduces flooding risk

harrow_council_logo2Around 250 properties in Harrow are no longer at risk of being flooded, after Harrow Council beefed up its flood defences with a range of new measures.

The programme of improvements includes building new flood defence structures and installing additional drains in roads.

The Council focussed on 80 locations which were most at risk of flooding and where floods have caused most disruption in the past. It built bypass structures, which carry excess water from rivers, as well as new and additional “gullies” at the side of road, which rainwater can flow into.

Around 7700 properties in Harrow are deemed to be at flood risk and the Council is a lead Local Flood Authority, delivering a number of critical flood alleviation schemes every year.

Hatch End Town Centre has been the focus of some of the measures, as the area has historically been affected by floods.

Severe thunderstorms in the area in the past led to road closures, causing major disruption for residents and businesses.

Julian Maw, of Hatch End Association, said: “There has been a noticeable improvement since the work was done. There has been no more flooding and we haven’t seen any of the disruption that we saw in the past.”

The new flood defences will protect roads from water damage in the future and also make roads safer and minimise disruption. It will also save the Council money on future clear up costs after floods.

Harrow Council Leader Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar said: “Harrow Council is committed to keeping the borough clean, green and safe. Flooding brings huge disruption as well as the cost of clearing up the mess. It is vital that Harrow Council invests in building and maintaining effective flood defences and drainage, which can reduce disruption, improve safety and help the Council, residents and businesses to make every penny count. Rivers of course don’t just start and finish in Harrow, so we work with our neighbouring boroughs and the Environment Agency to ensure we are addressing this issue in the most efficient way.”

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  1. 4Democracy

    Found this item hypocritical of the council but no surprises there. Whilst pleased for the households in Hatch End let’s not forget the council recently agreed the expansion of Vaughan School and against its own policy will be building on it’s only playing field which is a flood plain and is categorised 3B, the highest category. The school will now have a flood evacuation plan, it’s never needed one before. They weren’t interested in looking at other options for the expansion just hell bent on this and showed total disregard for residents who are still greatly concerned by this.

    Hollow words Councillor especially as you were personally well aware of the situation at Vaughan but just buried your head in the sand

  2. Praxis Reform

    Are we expecting a tsunami? Bushey Heath, Stanmore Hill, Harrow Weald Common, Pinner Hill and Harrow Hill are some of the highest points above sea level in London…

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