Apr 06 2015

Harrow Council Release Thermal Heatmap of the Borough

20150406_thermal_mapThermal imagery is an intelligent spatial information data layer which can identify heat loss from buildings. Harrow Council undertook a survey at night, with the use of a plane to analyse how much heat is lost from buildings in Harrow. This was to support the loft insulation and other environmental schemes in Harrow.

The information has been analysed to support work in the council and has also been made available to the public so residents, schools and local businesses can benefit from the information also.

You can view the results of the survey on the council’s website, here. It will show you if an address has above or below average heat loss. This can be useful for determining how well roofs are insulted and if installing insulation would be beneficial. It should be noted that with surveys of this size, some errors may have occurred and the data has been generalised before being released.

For the technically minded, you can also download the data in a zipped shapefile for users who have access to ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online or other GIS software. The LiDAR derived polygons represent buildings within the borough of Harrow and also contain thermal values, download: thermal Harrow properties shapefile

Residents may recall that this project was part of the previous administration’s efforts to combat beds in sheds – a remarkable number of ‘sheds’ seem to have a very high amount of heat leaking from them…

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  1. Robin

    Just looked up our address, house has medium heat loss, but our patio has a high heat loss!!!??? It is drawn as shed too! I hope the council don’t come knocking on our door looking for the beds in the shed that doesn’t exist but gives off a huge heat loss!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gary Roberts

    Just looked at my address and I have low heat loss from buildings I don’t even have! Then looked at a friends address, and they have high heat loss from their conservatory. Even though the conservatory was demolished over 5 years ago and never replaced.

  3. Linda Robinson

    I wouldn’t set much store by these results to find “beds in sheds” – they show my shed as being high heat loss, when it has absolutely no heat in there to lose. The map also shows high heat loss in buildings which no longer even exist, whereas new extensions are completely missing and so are some outbuildings that are over twenty years old. I can’t think that this exercise will be of much value at all, except perhaps to show how badly insulated the Civic Centre is.

  4. Keith

    How many bed in shed found?

  5. promissor

    Three vacant, abandoned structures that I checked on this map show a “high” heat loss despite them not having been heated in a decade… I wonder how the council compiled this data.

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