Jul 10 2014

Harrow Council Rumoured to be Considering Three-Week Bin Rota

wastedumpLate Wednesday evening, we heard a rumour that Harrow Council is considering following Labour-run Bury in moving to bin collections once every three weeks, instead of the fortnightly collections currently in place across the borough, in an effort to force people to recycle more.

The plans, as yet unconfirmed by Harrow’s Labour leadership, may mean that both blue bins (recyclables) and brown bins (compostable kitchen and garden waste) will continue to be collected on an alternating weekly basis, but green/grey bins will be collected just once every three weeks. The likely intent is to force residents to recycle more of their waste, on the basis that they’ll have no choice in the matter: their general waste bins will be full.

Falkirk council in Scotland launched a three-weekly service in May and Gwynedd council in north-west Wales will follow this year, according to the Daily Mail.

if this plan does go ahead in Harrow, residents who happen to be on holiday during their scheduled bin collection could go as long as six weeks without a collection.

We’ve been unable to get any confirmation or comment from Harrow Council today, due to the Labour Group offices seemingly being unmanned due to the public sector strike taking place. That’s the same strike which is already seeing residents in some parts of the borough missing their bin collection today, and having to wait a further two weeks for either their green/blue bins to be emptied, and a further week for their brown bins to be picked up.

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  1. Mohamed

    Whilst it is honourable for the council to be thinking of the environment it is bullish on their part to force residents to recycle. Most residents already recycle. How much more do they expect us to recycle? I already have 2 blue bins and am pro recycling but there is only so much you can recycle. This move will not only create more waste with overflowing bins resulting in a worse of environmental impact on the streets creating a further problem. With this move does it mean that council tax will also be affected? I doubt it. Its just further cost cutting measures by the council to keep their kitty filled up to pay off unnecessary positions in the council. Its a great shame if it goes ahead and really hope someone can hold them to task for this unthoughtful suggestion.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Mohamed these decisions are forced upon boroughs due to the rising cost of sending waste to landfill the more you send the more you have to pay, which will have an affect on your Council tax.

  2. Willy Stoodley

    Bin emptying is ALWAYS under review and can be changed at any time. I heard half a dozen different schemes bounced around while I was a Cllr.

  3. Gary Roberts

    I’m all in favour of this, providing they are willing to provide people with the extra blue bins that will be needed free of charge.


    No mention of the brown bins .During SEPT – FEB there is less garden material because of the weather chang/ yet the council still collect every week and you only see third of bins put out
    surely brown could call once fortnight and green must stay once fortnight, most would be overflowing after 3 weeks and the smell ??? where does the brown garden rubbish go surely not to landfill ( when you think before the 90.s we only had 1 dustbin -not 3 wheelie bins and the system seemed to work well then.

  5. Willy Stoodley

    Yeah they could change the brown bin rota esp as people could do their own composting, opt out of having a brown bin, and get a council tax rebate as a reward. We bounced that idea around as well! Trouble is, fiddling with the bin collecting always causes an outcry so politicians are loath to do it! If it were up to me, I’d do all the ideas and I’d do them RIGHT NOW because statistically the electorate forget in year four what the administration do in year one. LOL!!

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