Feb 11 2017

Harrow Council says: “You’re too disabled for a blue badge”

harrow_council_broken_22Blue badges can be a life saver for the disabled, and the carers that help them live a life of normality: shopping, getting to support groups and, of course, medical appointments. The badge allows them to park close to supermarket entrances, in areas of car parks with additional room, and of course, in on-street parking bays reserved for the disabled.

In an appeal to the London Tribunals against a parking ticket recently, it seems that Harrow Council considers that you can be too disabled to qualify for a blue badge:

“Upon applying for a new one the Harrow local authority stated that there was no point in issuing a new badge if the appellant’s Mother was house-bound-which is the case. The doctors visit her at her home. On this occasion however the appellant had to take his Mother to the doctor’s surgery for a major examination, which could not be done at home. It could not be done at home.”

Clearly, the appellant parked without displaying a blue badge: he didn’t have one to display, because Harrow – even though they knew the mother was house-bound – refused to give her one. She’d previously had one issued by Barnet, by Harrow seems to taken a harder line.

The outcome of the appeal was that the adjudicator, showing plain common sense, said: “I find that these circumstances are compelling enough to recommend that the local authority cancels the notice to owner. Although I have not allowed this appeal I find that the circumstances of this case make compelling reasons why the notice to owner should be cancelled and I recommend that the local authority cancel the notice to owner.”

Nice one, Harrow.

My thanks to my good friend Mr Mustard, who runs a very interesting blog over in Barnet here.

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