Apr 16 2016

Harrow Council: Screwing Residents over MOT Charges

mot-test-barnet-150x150Harrow Council has launched an MOT test service, available to “… residents and businesses who want a trustworthy and reliable service…” says Cllr Graham Henson, implying, perhaps, that other MOT test services across the borough are maybe somewhat less that ‘trustworthy and reliable’?

However, the fee for an MOT test starts at £45, which is £15 more than both Kwik Fit and Halfords are charging at present. Indeed, you can even get a further 10% off at Kwik Fit by using one of the many discount codes available online. According to the press release, the council’s facility  “…even offers online booking, making it easy to schedule a vehicle test.” Which is nothing unusual these days.

If you want to book an MOT with the Council, you can do so here: http://www.harrowcommercialservices.co.uk/ Alternatively, save yourself some money, and go elsewhere.


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  1. Gary

    Hi Lord Paul, it appears that I harrow has failed dismally to conduct a bench marking exercise. it is a well-established fact that council MOT stations provide real value for money, and of course reputation of trust. if you view the compare web-sites you will be pleasantly surprised, a MINI went to a private run MOT station where the Car Failed and the remedial works totalled £1,500, however the owner refused to have this work conducted and went to Camden council and guess what yes his car passed and didn’t require the work as stated by the other MOT station. the charges are guidelines set by VOSA, yet Harrows comes in under the guidelines. are you not in favour of saving services for the residents of Harrow, or are you in favour of the panama gang, that evades taxes that of course would support services that residents require. I am at a loss why you are promoting other areas that can of course cost residents money, I very much doubt that this comment will be allowed to enter iharrow as its conflicts with the web-sites views, we need more of a democratic site with balanced views. look forward to our chats as always

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