Mar 14 2013

Harrow Council Seeks Director of Commercial and Procurement

harrow_council_logoMoney, it would seem, is no object if Harrow’s latest job vacancy is anything to go by. Offering around £100,000 and final salary pension, the struggling council of a thousand cuts is seeking a Divisional Director of Commercial and Procurement.

As the job listing says, “We are now recruiting a permanent director who will be a passionate advocate for taking the Council’s commercial, contract management and procurement services to the next level, which is to embed contract and procurement best practice into the Council’s operational ‘DNA’, as well as to promote more commercial thinking and behaviours throughout the Council’s supply chain.”

Council’s operational DNA?!?

The listing continues, “Working with a driven and innovative Corporate Director of Resources, the successful candidate will look forward to major Council sponsorship of commercialisation opportunities, with a new focus on developing revenue/income streams as the Council looks for ways in which its financial challenges can be addressed…”

Those interested can apply via the council’s appointed agents, Michael Page.


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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Melanie – Of course you can – just get your question in on time for the next Cabinet meeting!

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