Mar 24 2016

Harrow Council seeks input on how to distance itself even further from Residents

harrow_council_brokenHarrow Council is asking residents how they’d like to be ignored, if a new survey is to be believed.

Residents continue to complain that dealing with the council remains difficult: phones aren’t answered, emails are ignored, faults (such as streetlights) remain unrepaired, potholes get bigger. But worry no more. The council is seeking your input on a mobile application so they can distance themselves even further under the pretext of “going digital”

The survey, which can be found here if you’re interested, manages to mix up the concept of “useful” with “important”, and is skewed so that pretty much any response appears positive. For example, the survey asks if you’d find a “reporting potholes” tool useful – well, probably not, since it’s just another avenue to be ignored.In fact, it’s far from useful. Most of us would rather there not be potholes in the first place. There are already plenty of apps for reporting street defects, and it’s unlikely to make much difference anyway.

What might be useful is to find find out how many hours you’re likely to be waiting on hold when you call the council. But that’s way too useful for the council to consider.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Harrow council are a disgrace. They have turn Harrow into a slum that seems to employ idiots. When really they are using subterfuge to aggravate Tax-Payers and perpetrate “white flight”. They seem to practice breaking down the family unit and home ownership by inviting so many scroungers and failed asylum seekers into the borough to live on benefits. You could call it welfare for votes. They endanger peoples lives with poor street maintenance and failure to deal with fly tipping or other tax-payer concerns. Always citing not enough money. Yet our council taxes are going through the roof but that doesn’t matter because most of their supporters don’t pay they take.

    Harrow got it so wrong following there Political Correctness and Multicultural nonsense which has caused racial tension and hate crime to rise. The political police tried to enforce their failed Marxist ideology. By fitting up law abiding people because it was easier to create a criminal rather the catch one!! Shame on them!!! Orwell got it right!!!

    Sadly, nothing will change unless some serious jail time is give for misfeasance in public office and we get back to a balance of family owner occupiers where people of the same social background “work” to become home owners and take pride in their home and environment.

    Housing benefits are one of the most destructive elements by pricing out local folk and Harrows failure to check fraud only encourages cheating by new-arrivals. Harrows total failure to deal with beds in shed and HMO’s is shocking. There statement recently that we need or are waiting for Nu-Laws is untrue. Other councils seem to deal with the problems Harrow only seem to encourage them!!

    If you’re unaware “Socialists” Blair/Brown created more Nu-Laws under their tenure of 14 years then any government in the previous 100 years. Yet look where we are!!! Our country has gone backward.

    Come on Mrs Hall get our council back. Ave a nice Easter every one

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